ProPerL2 – Production and Perception in L2 speech learning


  • Project Identification: ProPerL2 – Production and Perception in L2 speech learning [2022.04013.PTDC]
  • Group: LiFE – Formal and Experimental Linguistics
  • Principal Investigator: Susana Correia
  • Start date: Jan. 31, 2023
  • Funding: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
  • Website:


The project ProPerL2 aims to explore the impact of auditory perception and production training in L2 speech learning in an understudied language constellation, L1 English and L2 Portuguese.

This project lays the foundations for new methodological advances in L2 speech learning research by testing a wide sample of native English speakers learning Portuguese sound contrasts in a fully web-based experiment.

By focusing on the understudied topic of the interaction between speech production and perception, this project will significantly contribute to the theoretical discussion on how we learn the sounds of a new language.


Susana Correia (Principal Investigator, CLUNL)
Anabela Rato (Principal Co-Investigator, University of Toronto)
Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster University)
Rui Vaz (Camões, I.P.)
Sophie Bennett (Lancaster University)
Yuxin (Cindy) Ge (Lancaster University)
Gabriela Tavares (CLUNL)
Julie Mason (CLUNL)
João Dinis Fernandes (CLUNL)