CLUNL – Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon

The Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA CLUNL) is a Research Unit that has as its main objectives the advancement of research in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, the advanced training of researchers and the dissemination of scientific data on those domains concerned with the nature and structure of languages and texts.

This Research Unit is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology  (FCT, I.P.), and has obtained the qualification of “Very Good” in the latest evaluation exercise carried out by this governmental institution.

Major research domains

Currently, CLUNL’s researchers are organized in three research groups:

LiFE – Formal and Experimental Linguistics

LLT – Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology

G&T – Grammar & Text

These groups are committed to investigating specific research topics, especially: L1 and L2 acquisition; forms and constructions in Portuguese; lexicography and lexicology; multimodality, multilingualism; approaches to language teaching (L1 and L2); natural language processing; theories of texts and discourses; terminologies and ontologies.