As a Research Unit funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), CLUNL must conform to the policies of this entity.

In this respect:

1. In each scientific publication the Integrated Members of CLUNL must indicate their affiliation as follows:

This research/Part of this research/The research of (name of researcher) is supported by the Portuguese national funding through the FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. as part of the project UIDB/LIN/03213/2020; 10.54499/UIDB/03213/2020 and UIDP/LIN/03213/2020; 10.54499/UIDP/03213/2020 – Linguistics Research Centre of NOVA University Lisbon (CLUNL).

The specific code of a Project and/or Grant funded by FCT must also be indicated, when applicable.

2. The scientific production funded by FCT (either as a whole or only in part) must be made available in Open Access.

For further information, please see:

“Política sobre Acesso Aberto a Publicações Científicas resultantes de Projetos de I&D Financiados pela FCT” (Policy on Open Access to Scientific Publications resulting from R&D Projects Financed by FCT), published by FCT (PDF – PT only)

“Política de Gestão de Informação Científica” (Policy on Scientific Information Management), published by NOVA University of Lisbon (PDF – PT only)

3. All Integrated Members of CLUNL must keep an updated scientific curriculum in the national curriculum management system developed by FCT: CIÊNCIAVITAE.

References to scientific production related to CLUNL must be made available with “Public” or “Semi-public” privacy level.
If you choose the second mentioned, you must give access permission to FCT in the user “Settings”.

For further information, please see:

“CIÊNCIAVITAE Guide”, published by FCT in the last Call for SR&TD Project Grants (PDF)

“CIÊNCIAVITAE Manuals and Tutorials” (webpage)



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