Lexicons, Dictionaries, Glossaries

BDTT-AR – Textual and Terminological Database for the Portuguese Parliament

Description: BDTT-AR is a multilingual database (Portuguese, English and French) that contains the terminology used within the Portuguese Parliament (read more)
Link: http://terminologia.parlamento.pt/pls/ter/terwintra.home

DVPM – Dictionary of Medieval Portuguese Verbs

Description: Makes available all the information that has already been prepared on the verbs found in a subcorpus of CIPM texts from the 12th to the 13th-14th centuries (read more)
Link: http://cipm.fcsh.unl.pt/gencontent.jsp?id=5

COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary

Description: The COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary comprises the terminology used by official Healthcare agencies, healthcare professionals and scientists, as well as the media and social media (read more)
Link: https://www.lexonomy.eu/ec25mm79/

Multilingual Terminological Glossaries for specific purposes within the Community of Portuguese Language Countries

Description: By request of Instituto Camões, the Research Group “Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology” has conceived and created multilingual terminological glossaries (Portuguese, English and French) associated to textual databases in the domains of Agronomy, Health Sciences, Law and Economics (read more)
Link: available soon at Instituto Camões website.

Basic terms in speech and language pathology diagnosis

Description: Termes de base du diagnostic orthophonique is a resource consisting of a list of 45 lexical units considered fundamental for the diagnosis of speech and language pathologies, constituting a non-exhaustive extract of the vocabulary in use in 2020 (read more)
Link: https://www.ortolang.fr/market/lexicons/termes-diag-orthophonique