Resulting from the project EXPRIMI, MIGRANTE.PT is an European Portuguese corpus for specific purposes with around 1,5 million tokens, of institutional texts concerning the integration of migrants in Portugal and directed to these migrants, collected from sites and materials freely available online.

It comprises different types of texts from different sources. Those include the two most relevant migrant and refugees managing and integration Portuguese institutions – ACM Portugal: The High Commissariat for Migrations, CPR: Portuguese Refugees Council –, governmental and non-governmental institutions such as Caritas, ERS: National Entity for Health Regulation, OM: Migrations Observatory; SEF: Foreign and Boarders Services; MAI: Ministry of Internal Administration; Social Security; AR: Portuguese Parliament and several municipalities; as well as media texts from several sources, collected by these organizations according to their informative and/or promotional character.Table 1: MIGRANTE.PT composition, by text type.

ISLRN: 872-735-563-701-2
DOI: https://doi.org/10.34619/ctho-dqqk


Corpus files and documentation (metadata files) are international Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International from Creative Commons.

Corpus files are available in compressed .txt format. The corpus can also be shared through Sketch Engine. Corpus metadata are available, below, in .xlsx format.

To access MIGRANTE.PT, please fill in and sign the following statement and send it to: sec.clunl@fcsh.unl.pt



Raquel Amaro
Susana Correia
Matilde Gonçalves