CDMR – MorDigital Domain Classification

Description: The CDMOR covers the areas of knowledge used, in the form of domain labels, in the lexicographic articles of António de Morais Silva’s “Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza” (1789; 1813; 1823).
Link: https://vocabs.rossio.fcsh.unl.pt/pub/morais_domains/pt/


Description: OntoAndalus is an ontology of pottery artefacts of al-Andalus. The purpose of OntoAndalus is to further knowledge in the domain and to facilitate the development of a multilingual terminological resource based on formal descriptions or definitions of concepts and other units of knowledge (read more)
Link: https://doi.org/10.34619/3W3T-HJ8S


Description: OntoCork is a micro domain-ontology of cork stoppers. The purpose of this domain-ontology is to organise cork stoppers – concepts and terms – in a systematic way. OntoCork is being developed in OWL. The formal definitions are inferred from CorkCorpus – a specialised corpus built from scratch (read more)
Link: https://doi.org/10.34619/a27q-1ryd


Description: OntoDomLab-Med is an ontology of domain labels focused on Medicine. Its purpose is to provide a solid conceptual foundation that facilitates interoperability with TEI Lex-0, as well as improve: i) the consistency of domain labelling assignment and ii) the efficiency in what concerns information retrieval (read more)
Link: https://doi.org/10.34619/emw4-ax6o