BILP – Bibliography of Portuguese Linguistics database

Description: BILP allows free access to a large number of records classified according to various types of information (e.g. chronological scope, linguistic disciplines and Portuguese varieties studied) (read more)
Link: https://bilp.fcsh.unl.pt

Oneness – On-line less used and less taught language courses

Description: Oneness aims at promoting the learning of five of the less widely taught languages in Europe – Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Polish and Portuguese –, as well as encouraging an interest in the cultures of the countries where these languages are spoken (read more)
Link: http://www.oneness.vu.lt/pt/

Scrinium – Medieval Portuguese translations of Latin texts

Description: Scrinium gathers information on Portuguese translations of mostly secular texts written in Latin during the Middle Ages and early Renaissance (read more)
Link: https://sites.google.com/site/unlscrinium/