OntoCork is a micro domain-ontology of cork stoppers. The purpose of this domain-ontology is to organise cork stoppers – concepts and terms – in a systematic way. The ultimate purpose of the ontology is to systematise the operations intervening in the manufacturing process of cork stoppers depending on the purpose of each operation in order to obtain a classification of each type of stoppers. Finally, this classification aims at providing information on the manufacturing phase of the stopper regarding its stage of completion within the manufacturing process.

The aim is to build an e-dictionary, designed as a multilingual and multimodal product, where linguistic and conceptual resources are paired to facilitate knowledge acquisition.

OntoCork is being developed in OWL. The formal definitions are inferred from CorkCorpus – a specialised corpus built from scratch.


Work carried out in the context of a PhD project funded by the FCT – Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia (Portugal), Studentship no. PD/BD/113972/2015.



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