CORRELATE – Corpora and Lexical and Terminological Resources


  • Project Identification: CORRELATE – Corpora and Lexical and Terminological Resources
  • Group: LLT – Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology
  • Principal Investigators: Raquel Amaro, Rute Costa
  • Start date: Jan. 2022


The Corpora and Lexical and Terminological Resources project is a project of internal and transversal dynamics to the LLT group, aimed at welcoming and integrating students and young researchers in research activities, while promoting the rational use and valorisation of resources produced by the members and collaborators of the group in their individual research activities. The project objectives are:

– Promoting the teaching-research relationship in the areas of Computational and Corpus Linguistics, Lexicology and Lexicography, and Terminology, for the development, treatment and availability of linguistic resources, through the hosting and integration of students.

– Conducting research and applying methodologies for compiling, processing, and making operational corpora for specific purposes, namely those created within the scope of master’s and PhD research projects.

– Creating and preparing corpora and lexical and terminological resources to be made available in open access.

CORRELATE is currently supported by CLUNL base funding (UIDB/03213/2020). Other funding sources are being studied to enable the increase of the activities.


Raquel Amaro
Rute Costa
Conceição Lima
João Gomes