POR Nível – Design and validation of a placement test to PFL


  • Project identification: POR Nível – Construção e validação de um teste de colocação em nível para PLE
  • Group: LiFE – Formal and Experimental Linguistics
  • Principal Investigator: Susana Correia
  • Start date: Oct. 2017
  • Funding entity: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; Instituto Camões
  • Keywords: Validity; Placement test; PFL.
  • Website: http://fabricadesites.fcsh.unl.pt/por_nivel/


The POR Nível project aims at designing and validating a placement test for adult learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL). This test will be made available to national and international institutions where PFL is taught, similarly to what happens in the teaching/learning context of other foreign languages. A valid and reliable test will be constructed based on the characteristics of placement tests used for other FL and written corpora of PFL certified exams. Validity, reliability and practicality will be pursued to discriminate different language proficiency levels. Uniformity in placement will hopefully contribute to the comparability in the assessment and teaching of PFL.


Susana Correia (principal investigator)
Ana Madeira
Nélia Alexandre (Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa – FLUL / Linguistics Centre, Universidade de Lisboa – CLUL)
Jorge Pinto (FLUL / CLUL)
Cláudia Martins
Carolina Gramacho (research grant holder)