ARLE – International Association for Research in L1 Education



ARLE covers research into learning, development and instructional processes in, or relevant to, educational and instructional settings in the domain of L1 education and in all other domains in which the use of language or literature contributes to learning. Within the Association, improvement of teaching and learning processes in languages (first, second and third language), literatures and literacies is the main focus. In this research the processes of development, learning and instruction in the field of L1 education are mainly viewed from a micro-perspective. This means that the Association’s interest is directed at the study of learning and developmental processes, as far as they occur, or are influenced or modelled, by material or personal factors in educational or instructional settings. These factors are considered within a larger frame of societal and normative conceptions of learning languages, literatures and literacies. The study of developmental processes, learning and instruction in the field of L1 Education draws on various disciplinary approaches and fields of study, such as linguistics, literary theory, media theory, semiotics, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, the art and science of teaching. Processes are studied with respect to their characteristics, to outcomes and the effects of learning arrangements on these processes, differentiated for tasks and learner characteristics (aptitude, language background etc.). The research covered in the Association aims at descriptive, comparative, interpretative, explanatory and experimental research.

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Researchers from CLUNL

Antónia Coutinho
Maria Lobo
Helena Topa Valentim
Joana Batalha
Matilde Gonçalves
Noémia Jorge

Participating entities

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