ROSSIO – Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities


  • Project Identification: ROSSIO – Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities [ ID 22139 ]
  • Coordination: Amélia Aguiar de Andrade (NOVA FCSH)
  • Contact at CLUNL: Rute Costa
  • Website:


The ROSSIO infrastructure aims to be a reference for the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (SSAH) and is the National Coordination Institution (Portugal) of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities – DARIAH-EU.

ROSSIO has as its mission to aggregate, organize, interconnect, contextualize, enrich and disseminate a broad range of SSAH digital content from research activities, repositories, archives, libraries, collections of art and databases. Through a dynamic research infrastructure, ROSSIO aims to provide a wide, diverse and precious range of quality content and services of great potential for the cultural and creative industries.

Through an open and free platform, ROSSIO intends to enable innovative uses of digital content, stimulate teaching and enhance the development of more and better research, further contributing to the internationalization of scientific production on the SSAH.

ROSSIO infrastructure aims to serve the citizens directly, participating in the formation of citizenship and collective memory. People wishing to discover the culture and heritage of Portuguese language will find studies, cultural itineraries and virtual exhibitions designed for the public in the ROSSIO Portal.

The availability of digital content will be complemented with services seeking for the dissemination of activities of the SSAH, training actions and partnership with the cultural and creative industries.

(Free adaptation of the information available on the website of the infrastructure.)

Participating entities

School of Social Sciences and Humanities of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA FCSH)
City Council of Lisbon
Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museum of Cinema
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB)
Information Systems for Architectural Heritage (DGPC)
D. Maria II National Theatre
National Scientific Computing (FCT | FCCN)