Cultural Heritage Lexicon



“An increasing number and a wide variety of texts on Italian cultural heritage is available today, both Online and on paper, from tourist guidebooks to museum web sites, from art catalogues to critical essays. Provided in different languages, these works attempt to satisfy an international public increasingly demanding information on Italian cultural heritage. However, presently across Europe, there are no specific tools offered (dictionaries, reference materials on technical translations), nor specialised institutions which can train and support specialist translators, or other specialists involved in cultural tourism (tourist guides, tourist information centres’ or museums’ personnel, etc.) and that are able to convey such knowledge in appropriate ways.
Founded in 2013 under the aegis of the Department o f Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies at the University of Florence, the “Multilingual Cultural Heritage Lexis” Research Unit aims to fill the existing gap by promoting research, studies and activities on the lexis of diverse languages referring to Italian Cultural Heritage in Italian. Special emphasis is placed on the lexis referred to the city of Florence, considered the prime example of Italian ‘art city’.”

(Retrieved from the project website.)

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