COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary


  • Project identification: Glossário Colaborativo COVID-19 / COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary
  • Group: LLT – Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology
  • Coordination: Rute Costa and Raquel Silva
  • Database manager: Margarida Ramos
  • Start date: April 2020
  • Keywords: COVID-19; crowdsourcing; glossary; health literacy; terminology
  • Website:
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The COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary comprises the terminology used by official Healthcare agencies, healthcare professionals and scientists, as well as the media and social media.
In the current context, it is essential to allow access to organized terminological information on the disease, in clear, easy to understand language. The methodology used is oriented towards the popularization of definitions, thus contributing to Health literacy. The glossary is under permanent construction. We intend to follow the evolution of the pandemic from a terminological point of view and update the resource in real time.


Rute Costa, NOVA CLUNL
Raquel Silva, NOVA CLUNL | VOH. Colab
Margarida Ramos, NOVA CLUNL
Bruno Almeida, NOVA CLUNL | ROSSIO
Sara Carvalho, NOVA CLUNL | CLLC
Ana Salgado, NOVA CLUNL | Academia das Ciências de Lisboa
Filipe Julião – Graduate in Biomedical Sciences | 5th year student of the Integrated Master in Medicine of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Beira Interior


Ieda Alves | University of São Paulo, Brazil
Alexandre Chicuna | Agostinho Neto University, Luanda, Angola