• Project identification: OrthoDef
  • Coordination: Frédérique Brin-Henry (ATILF Nancy)
  • Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
  • Duration: 2020 – 2021
  • Fundign entity: CLCS – Université de Lorraine; ATILF- UMR7118; Fédération Nationale des Orthophonistes


“The OrthoDef project aims at the increase and validation of ontological and lexical resources in the discipline of speech and language therapy (SLT), some of which were created during a previous project called MOCOLANG-O. This includes a terminological and ontological resource about concepts of pathology in SLT, a trilingual core set of diagnostic terms, and a bilingual (Fr-Eng) corpus of SLT articles collected from the ISTEX database.

This innovative project combines an expert disciplinary perspective with mutual linguistic, terminological and ontological approaches. One of the main goals of the project is to structure SLT terminology in several European languages (Fr-Eng-Pt), in order to facilitate the circulation of knowledge, a more homogeneous and qualitative discourse and use of terms in this area. One of the immediate prospects is the use of the TemPO ontology and the terminological definitions in natural language.

The following steps have been planned:
. increase and test the TemPO ontological resource (on logical and expert levels)
. write and validate terminological definitions, to be included in the trilingual core set of diagnostic terms
. prepare interoperability with other classifications/thesaurus cSNOMED-CT, MeSH)
. collect missing metadata and test automatic alignment for 2 series of scientific articles (Fr & En).”

(Retrieved from ALTIF website)


Frédérique Brin-Henry (Principal Investigator, ATILF Nancy)
Rute Costa (NOVA CLUNL)
Sylvie Desprès (LIMICS, Paris)
Sabine Barreaux (INIST, Nancy)
Anne Dehêtre (FNO, Paris)