Research network projects – ongoing

CLIL in Languages Other Than English – Successful Transitions across Educational Stages

Researcher of CLUNL: Olga Heitor
Description: The project sets out to develop recommendations for implementing CLIL in languages other than English across educational stages (primary, secondary, tertiary), both in the language classroom and in other subjects (read more)

NexusLinguarum – European network for Web-centred linguistic data science

Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: The main aim of this Action is to promote synergies across Europe between linguists, computer scientists, terminologists, and other stakeholders in industry and society, in order to investigate and extend the area of linguistic data science (read more)

Heritage Language Consortium

Responsible at CLUNL: João Costa
Description: The objective of the Consortium is to promote research on language learning in a variety of settings (from naturalistic development to classroom-based instruction) and across different age groups (children, adolescents and adults) (read more)

Research network projects – concluded

KEYSTONE – Semantic Keyword-Based Search on Structures Data Sources (2015-2017)

ENeL – European Network of e-Lexicography (2013-2017)

GraMaLL – Grasping Meaning Across Languages and Learners (2013-2015)

Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment (2009-2013)