• Project Identification: PORTULAN CLARIN – Research Infrastructure for the Science and Technology of Language
  • Coordination: António Branco (University of Lisbon)
  • Responsibles at CLUNL: Maria Francisca Xavier (Formal and Experimental Linguistics research group); Maria do Céu Caetano (Grammar & Text research group)
  • Duration: March 2019 – December 2019
  • Website: https://portulanclarin.net/


PORTULAN CLARIN – Research Infrastructure for the Science and Technology of Language is part of the international research infrastructure CLARIN ERIC, a comprehensive international collection of resources to support and explore language and language-related topics.
Under the project CIPM – Digital Corpus of Medieval Portuguese and the DLPM – Dictionaries of Medieval Portuguese Language, two new dictionaries will be created: one on prepositions and complex conjunctions, and another on derivational and inflectional affixes collected in CIPM.

Tasks to be carried out in order to create the dictionaries:

  • literature review on prepositions, complex conjunctions and affixes;
  • identification and data collection on prepositions, complex conjunctions and affixes as from CIPM;
  • elaboration of lexicographic records on prepositions, complex conjunctions and affixes collected in CIPM and DLPM.

PORTULAN CLARIN belongs to the Portuguese National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance.


Maria Francisca Xavier (principal investigator)
Maria do Céu Caetano (principal investigator)
Ana Afonso (research grant holder)
Eduardo Castro (research grant holder)

Participating entities

Full information at: https://portulanclarin.net/who/#staff