Research network projects – ongoing

Heritage Language Consortium

Principal Investigator: João Costa
Description: The objective of the Consortium is to promote research on language learning in a variety of settings (from naturalistic development to classroom-based instruction) and across different age groups (children, adolescents and adults) (read more)

Distant Reading for European Literary History

Principal Investigator: Raquel Amaro
Description: This Action’s challenge is to create a shared theoretical and practical framework to enable innovative, sophisticated, data-driven, computational methods of literary text analysis across at least 10 European languages (read more)

Research network projects – concluded

KEYSTONE – Semantic Keyword-Based Search on Structures Data Sources (2015-2017)

ENeL – European Network of e-Lexicography (2013-2017)

GraMaLL – Grasping Meaning Across Languages and Learners (2013-2015)

Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment (2009-2013)