GRATO 2021

7th International Conference on Grammar & Text

Lisbon, 18-20 November 2021

GRATO – International Conference on Grammar & Text – is a biannual conference that aims to deepen the relationship between grammar and text / discourse, as a space for convergence and reciprocal subsidiarity. It brings together bontributions from linguists whose research work is situated in different theoretical-methodological frameworks, privileging the treatment of topics of morphology, semantics, text theory and discourse analysis, from synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

GRATO 2021 will be held online, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of November 2021, and will privilege the following thematic axes:
1. Relationships and interactions between Grammar and Text;
2. Forms and constructions – descriptions and perspectives;
3. Between fact and opinion – grammatical, discursive and textual configurations;
4. Didactics and literacy in Grammar and Text.

Invited Speakers

Joaquim Dolz (Université de Genève)
Johannes Angermuller (Open University)
Sarah de Vogüé (Université Paris Nanterre)

Call for Papers

The Grammar & Text Group of CLUNL invites to the submission of abstracts until 30th of April 2021 15th of May 2021.

Proposals for participation in the following modalities are welcome:
. Papers
. Coordinated sessions

See the details for submitting proposals:
. PT
. EN
. ES
. FR

Registration Fees

• Participant with a paper and certificate: 30 euros
• Participant without a paper and with attendance certificate: 10 euros
• Participant without a paper and without certificate: Free
• CLUNL researchers and collaborators: Free

Registration is mandatory for all types of participation.

Important dates

30th of April 2021 15th of May 2021: deadline for submission of all abstracts
• 20 July 2021: notification of acceptance
• 30 October 2021: closing registration date

Organizing committee

Helena Topa Valentim (NOVA FCSH/CLUNL)
Teresa Oliveira (Politécnico de Portalegre/CLUNL)
Carla Teixeira (CLUNL)
Isabelle Simões Marques (Universidade Aberta/CLUNL)
Matilde Gonçalves (NOVA FCSH/CLUNL)
Rute Rosa (CLUNL)