GRATO 2021

7th International Conference on Grammar & Text

Lisbon, November 18-20, 2021


GRATO – International Conference on Grammar & Text – is a biannual conference that aims to deepen the relationship between grammar and text / discourse, as a space for convergence and reciprocal subsidiarity. It brings together bontributions from linguists whose research work is situated in different theoretical-methodological frameworks, privileging the treatment of topics of morphology, semantics, text theory and discourse analysis, from synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

GRATO 2021 will be held online, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of November 2021, and will privilege the following thematic axes:

1. Relationships and interactions between Grammar and Text;
2. Forms and constructions – descriptions and perspectives;
3. Between fact and opinion – grammatical, discursive and textual configurations;
4. Didactics and literacy in Grammar and Text.

GRATO 2021 will include two modalities of participation:

  • Papers
  • Coordinated sessions

Conference languages are Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Oral presentations will last 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. The coordinated sessions will include a maximum of 4 papers, followed by discussion.

Invited Speakers

Joaquim Dolz (Université de Genève)

(short academic biography)


Johannes Angermuller (Open University)

(short academic biography)


Sarah de Vogüé (Université Paris Nanterre)

(short academic biography)

Scientific Committee

Alexandra Guedes Pinto (FLUP/CLUP) | Ana Braz (UAb/CLUNL) | Ana Madeira (FCSH/CLUNL) | Ana Sousa Martins (CLUNL) | Angela Dionísio (UFPE) | Audria Leal (FCT/CLUNL) | Auxiliadora Lima (UFPI) | Clara Nunes Correia (FCSH/CLUNL) | Ecaterina Bulea Bronckart (Université de Genève) | Eliane Lousada (USP) | Eulália Leurquin (UFC) | Fátima Silva (FLUP/CLUP) | Fausto Caels (IPLeiria/CELGA-ILTEC) | Florencia Miranda (Universidade de Rosario) | Isabel Margarida Duarte (FLUP/CLUP) | Isabel Roboredo Seara (UAb/CLUNL) | Jasmina Markic (Universidade de Ljubljana) | Jean-Paul Bronckart (Université de Genève) | Joana Vieira Santos (FLUC/CELGA-ILTEC) | Johannes Angermuller (Open University) | Joaquim Dolz (Université de Genève) | Julien Longhi (Université de Cergy-Pontoise) | Lionel Dufaye (Université Paris-Est) | Luísa Álvares Pereira (UA/CLUNL) | Luís Filipe Barbeiro (IPLeiria/CELGA-ILTEC) | Márcia Romero (UNIFESP) | Maria Aldina Duarte (Universidade do Minho) | Maria Antónia Coutinho (FCSH/CLUNL) | Maria do Céu Caetano (FCSH/CLUNL) | Maria Lobo (FCSH/CLUNL) | Maria Teresa Brocardo (FCSH/CLUNL) | Marília Blundi (UFSCar) | Marta Alexandre Filipe (IPLeiria/CELGA-ILTEC) | Martin Becker (Universidade de Colónia) | Noémia Jorge (IPLeiria/CLUNL) | Paulo Nunes da Silva (UAb/CELGA-ILTEC) | Rosalice Pinto (CEDIS/IFIL) | Sarah De Vogüé (Université Paris Nanterre) | Sónia Valente Rodrigues (FLUP/CLUP).

Organizing Committee

Helena Topa Valentim (NOVA FCSH/CLUNL) | Teresa Oliveira (Politécnico de Portalegre/CLUNL) | Carla Teixeira (CLUNL) | Isabelle Simões Marques (Universidade Aberta/CLUNL) | Matilde Gonçalves (NOVA FCSH/CLUNL) | Rute Rosa (CLUNL) | Inês Felício (CLUNL)

Enrolment / Payment

Enrolment period: July 20, 2021 to October 30, 2021.


  • Participant with a paper and certificate: 30 euros
  • Participant without a paper and with attendance certificate: 10 euros
  • Participant without a paper and without certificate: Free
  • CLUNL researchers and collaborators: Free
  • Cooperating Teachers of the Masters in Teaching at NOVA FCSH: Free

Enrolment is mandatory for all types of participation.


To enrol, please fill in the form.


Payment can be done by PayPal or bank transfer. See more information here.

Afterwards, please send the confirmation of transaction to:

Important dates

  • 15th of May 2021: deadline for submission of all abstracts
  • 30th of July 2021: notification of acceptance
  • 30th of October 2021: closing registration (and payment) date for participants with a paper and/or wish a certificate
  • 15th of November 2021: closing registration date for participants without a paper or wh do not wish a certificate
  • 18-20th of November 2021: GRATO 2021

Submission of proposals

  • Chamada de resumos (PDF)
  • Convocatoria para envío de resúmenes (PDF)
  • Appel à résumés (PDF)
  • Call for Papers (PDF)


Download here.

Book of Abstracts

Download here.