Não Doutorados

Sandro Loupa graduated in Language Sciences at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University of Lisbon in 2018 and concluded his masters degree of Language Sciences with a specialization in Terminology and the Management of Specialized Information at the same school. For the non-teaching component he did an internship at Priberam in its division related to the Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa in 2020-2021. The resulting internship report has supervision by Professor Rute Costa e its theme is the lexicographic treatment of terms related to the COVID-19 pandemic where, besides exposing all the activities performed in the internship, he contrasts the lexicographical activity and the terminological activity. He collaborated in the project “Projeto Monitor Corpora” as a research grant holder through the FCT program “Verão com Ciência”.

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