Souto, Ana Sofia (PhD student, FCT Grant holder)

Ana Sofia Souto has a Master of Arts degree in Language Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Portuguese Studies, both from NOVA FCSH, where she was awarded the “Mérito e Excelência Melhores Mestres” and “Mérito e Excelência Melhores Licenciados” prizes. She represented Portugal at the 16th Edition from ‘Jóvenes Líderes Iberoamericanos’ in Madrid, Spain. Since October 2020, she collaborates with the organization “Serviço Jesuíta aos Refugiados – Portugal”, where she works as a volunteer teacher of Portuguese level A1. With a research grant from FCT (ref.: 2021.04523.BD), she is currently a PhD student in Text and Discourse Linguistics at NOVA FCSH. As part of her PhD, she co-founded the Discussion Group “Entre Textos: Diálogos Transatlânticos em Linguística do Texto e do Discurso”, which has been running since March 2021 and regularly brings together professors, researchers and students from both sides of the Atlantic around textual and discursive issues.

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