Gouveia, Mário (PhD student)

Mário Gouveia is a historian and linguist. He earned a B.A. in Classical Studies (FLUL) and a M.Sc. in Language Sciences (NOVA FCSH). He also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Portuguese as Second and Foreign Language (NOVA FCSH). He was a Guest Lecturer at the Department of History of NOVA FCSH, teaching undergraduate courses in History and Archaeology. He was awarded the Merit and Excellence Award 2019/2020 – Best Masters for his dissertation “O pretérito perfeito passivo, do latim ao português. Estudo de caso a partir do género epigráfico”, under supervision of professor Maria Teresa Brocardo. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics at NOVA FCSH, with a research focus on the relations between verb, tense and aspect in the Latin language, in a historical and diachronic perspective. As a researcher of the group Grammar & Text of the Centre for Linguistics of NOVA University of Lisbon, his interests are Historical Linguistics and Latin Linguistics.

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