TermTrends24 – program available

The program of TermTrends24 – Models and Best Practices for Terminology Representation in the Semantic Web, co-organized by CLUNL, through Rute Costa, Sara Carvalho and Federica Vezzani, is already available!

TermTrends24, co-located as a hybrid workshop with MDTT 2024, aims to provide a discussion forum on the theoretical and methodological approaches for the representation of terminological data, both at a conceptual and a linguistic level.

This workshop intends to explore the advantages and challenges underlying various Terminology-related standardisation approaches, ranging from the initially proposed standards to represent terminology within the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO), such as the TermBase eXchange (TBX), format, to models that represent linguistic descriptions associated with ontologies in the Semantic Web, such as SKOS and Ontolex-lemon.

Whitin this context, Federica Vezzani, Ana Salgado and Rute Costa, researchers in the LLT group of CLUNL, will present “When Lexical Markup Framework and Terminological Markup Framework Intertwine”.

Registration is free, but mandatory: https://forms.gle/ZhTawK6JRDpYotUt5

Further information: https://termtrends.linkeddata.es/