Matos, João de (PhD student, FCT grant holder)

João de Matos is a teacher of Portuguese as a Foreign Language and a Ph.D. grant holder in Linguistics (Psycholinguistics) at NOVA University Lisbon (UI/BD/152814/2022). He completed his MA in Language Sciences (Linguistics) at NOVA University Lisbon in October 2020 with a dissertation in the field of Experimental Psycholinguistics about the processing of grammatical gender features in European Portuguese supervised by professors Susana Correia and Matilde Gonçalves. In 2021, his dissertation won the “NOVA FCSH 2020-2021 Gender Equality and Diversity Award” and the “Portuguese Association of Linguistics / Maria Helena Mira Mateus 2021 Research Award”. His main research interests are Experimental Psycholinguistics and Linguistic Processing. At the moment, his main research topic is the interaction between Language, Gender, and Human Cognition.

LiFE group