GRATO 2023 – enrolment is now open

Enrolment is now open for GRATO 2023 – 8th International Conference on Grammar & Text.

GRATO is a biannual conference, organized by Grammar & Text research group of CLUNL, that aims to deepen the relationship between grammar and text / discourse, as a space for convergence and reciprocal subsidiarity. It brings together bontributions from linguists whose research work is situated in different theoretical-methodological frameworks, privileging the treatment of topics of morphology, semantics, text theory and discourse analysis, from synchronic and diachronic perspectives.

GRATO 2023 will be held at NOVA FCSH, campus of Av. Berna, on 28-30 of June.

The program will be available very soon!

To enroll, please, fill the form available here and send the confirmation of transaction to:

You may find detailled information about GRATO 2023 at the following address: