Talk | Terminology. A pivotal element in knowledge sharing in the digital age

On June 11, Raquel Silva, Rute Costa and Sara Carvalho, researchers at LLT group of NOVA CLUNL, will present “Terminology. A pivotal element in knowledge sharing in the digital age” within the ArgLab Research Colloquium, an activity organized by IFILNOVA researchers Dima Mohammed and Maria Grazia Rossi.

This talk aims to describe, on the one hand, the theoretical and methodological reflections underpinning the research work at CLUNL and, on the other hand, some of the resulting applications, namely as regards: (i) knowledge organization, particularly the synergies resulting from the interconnection of Terminology and ontologies; (ii) the use of the right terms to designate the fundamental concepts in each one of the domains under study; (iii) the dissemination of (multilingual) specialized information to both expert and non-expert audiences; (iv) information sharing, especially in a format which can be reused by other communities, thereby fostering collaboration and avoiding the unnecessary duplication of efforts.

IFILNOVA makes the recording of the event available to those who could not be present: