Open seminar: Research Seminar in Linguistics

The Research Seminar in Linguistics, within the scope of the NOVA FCSH PhD in Linguistics 2019/2020, will be open to the public between 6 to 10 of July.

In a videoconference environment, the following modules are offered:

“EndoTerm: a terminological approach to knowledge organization within the biomedical domain”
Sara Carvalho

“Terminology and ontologies in Islamic pottery studies: from knowledge to texts”
Bruno Almeida

“Multimodalidade e padrão discursivo em diferentes géneros de texto”
Audria Leal & Rute Rosa

“Discourse markers in text organization of the genre stand-up comedy in Portugal and in the United States”
Milana Morozova

“Distancing strategies in grammar and text: ways of saying without compromising”
Teresa Oliveira

“Language awareness and reading and writing skills”
Joana Batalha

“The syntax-discourse interface: A problem area in L2 acquisition and in L2 teaching?”
Joana Teixeira

“On parsing syntactic ambiguities: the case of Relative Clauses and Pseudo Relatives”
Miriam Aguilar

Check the program and the abstracts.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required by filling out the form available here until July 3rd.

For further information, please contact: