New published work: “Avaliação com base em narrativas orais”

Stéphanie Vaz and Maria Lobo, researchers at LiFE group of CLUNL, in collaboration with the researcher Marisa Lousada, sign the chapter “Avaliação com base em narrativas orais” within the book Linguística clínica: Modelos, avaliação e intervenção, recently edited by Language Science Press.

In this chapter, the researchers explain the relevance of language assessment based on oral narratives and present a narrative assessment tool that is being developed for European Portuguese – the (RE)CONTO, as well as the first results of its application to a small sample of children, with and without typical development.

The paper is available in Open Access at the following link:

  • Vaz, Stéphanie; Lobo, Maria; Lousada, Marisa (2022). Avaliação com base em narrativas orais. In: M.J. Freitas, M. Lousada, D. Caetano Alves, eds., Linguística clínica: Modelos, avaliação e intervenção. Berlin: Language Science Press, pp.403-431. ISBN 978-3-96110-400-0. Available at: