CoLAB Value4Health


  • Project identification: CoLAB Value4Health – Portuguese Value-Based Healthcare
  • Coordinator: Professor José Fragata (NOVA University Lisbon)
  • Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa (Lexicology, Lexicography and Terminology group)
  • Start date: 1 March 2019
  • Funding Entity: European Social Fund / Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology  (FCT)
  • Keywords: Value-Based Healthcare; eHealth; Health Literacy; Patient-centered Healthcare.


CoLAB focuses on innovation in technologies to objectively monitor health outcomes and support patient literacy. In practice, the laboratory will allow to monitor patients at a distance and through technology. The patients’ clinical results will be analyzed, and the impact of interventions and their benefit-cost ratio will be assessed.

This Collaborative Laboratory will be responsible for including these methodologies in clinical training and will seek to innovate through the development of new technologies with a real impact on health practices, generating spin-off companies as well as new business sectors in the healthcare industry. From a long-term perspective, the CoLAB will level the implementation of innovative models of Value-Based Healthcare in Portugal, presenting itself as an international benchmark in this field.

CoLAB results from a consortium between the NOVA University Lisbon, and the companies José de Mello Saúde SA, Vodafone Portugal and Fraunhofer Portugal, with the support of the Hospital Center of Central Lisbon and the ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement), in a logic of approach to the academia to companies and society – from science to industry. Several research units of NOVA University Lisbon are involved in this initiative, among which, the Linguistics Research Centre – CLUNL.


Director: Ana Rita Londral, PhD
Digital Health Management: Salomé Azevedo, MSc

Board of Directors:
José Fragata, MD, PhD, Vice-Rector at NOVA
Nuno Correia, PhD, Full Professor at NOVA/FCT
Liliana Ferreira, PhD, Director at Fraunhofer Portugal
Rui Diniz, MBA, Administrator at José de Mello Saúde
Paula Carioca, MBA, Administrator at Vodafone Portugal

Advisory Committee:
Helena Canhão, MD, PhD, Full Professor at NOVA/NMS
(other members to be appointed)