Ongoing projects


Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: The Com@Rehab project develops the Digital Communication Module (MCD Rehab) of VR4Pandemic with the purpose to contribute to the rehabilitation of post-COVID patients in hospitals and/or home environments (read more)

COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary

Principal Investigator: Rute Costa
Description: The COVID-19 Collaborative Glossary comprises the terminology used by official Healthcare agencies, healthcare professionals and scientists, as well as the media and social media (read more)

Read4Succeed: Improving migrant, refugee and from deprived neighbourhood children reading skills through an Animal Assisted Reading program

Researchers of CLUNL: Ana Madeira and Joana Batalha
Description: International cooperation project developed by a consortium of 8 partners including universities, schools, non-profit associations and Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) which aims to help schools become more inclusive (read more)

TERMVEST – The Clothing Terminology: version European Portuguese

Responsible at CLUNL: Susana Duarte Martins
Description: Based on the work developed for Brazilian Portuguese, this project proposes to create the European Portuguese version of the International Council of Museums (read more)

Digital Edition of the Vocabulário Ortográfico da Língua Portuguesa (VOLP-1940)

Principal Investigator: Rute Costa
Description: The main objective of this project is the digitization of the Vocabulário Ortográfico da Língua Portuguesa and the treatment of the text according to the TEI Guidelines, with the purpose of making it available online (read more)

PIPALE – Projeto de Intervenção Preventiva para a Aprendizagem da Leitura e da Escrita

Principal Investigators: Joana Batalha and Maria Lobo
Description: PIPALE is part of the National Programme for the Promotion of School Success and responds to an effective need of the school community in the municipality of Sesimbra to improve, from an early age, the quality levels of learning Portuguese as a mother tongue, in particular at the level of reading and writing skills (read more)

MOCOLANG-O – MOdélisation COnceptuelle des troubles (du LANGage et de la communication) en Orthophonie

Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: MOCOLANG-O aims at building and testing an operational ontological model (OWL) on concepts relating to disorders in Speech and Language Therapy (affecting language, communication and oromotor skills) (read more)

Romance clitics in diachrony. An integrated approach

Researcher of CLUNL: Alexandra Fiéis
(read more)

POR Nível – Design and validation of a placement test to PFL

Principal Investigator: Susana Correia
Description: The POR Nível project aims at designing and validating a placement test for adult learners of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL) (read more)

ANACOR: A corpus-based approach to anaphora resolution in second language acquisition: beyond the interfaces

Researcher of CLUNL: Joana Teixeira
Description: The goal of the ANACOR research project is to understand how late bilinguals (=learners of a second language, L2) use anaphoric forms to refer to their antecedents in previous discourse (read more)

European Portuguese-Standard Arabic Dictionary

Principal Investigator: Raquel Amaro
Description: Bi-directional bilingual dictionary which targets in particular Arabic university students learning Portuguese and can also be used by all those who learn the Arabic language in Portuguese-speaking countries (read more)

Cultural Heritage Lexicon

Responsible at CLUNL: Christina Dechamps
Description: This project aims to promote research and activities on the vocabulary of the different languages in relation to the Italian language as part of the cultural heritage of the city of Florence (read more)

Chair of Portuguese as a Second and Foreign Language

Responsible at CLUNL: Hanna Jakubowicz Batoréo
Description: This project aims to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of studies on the Portuguese language (read more)

Dictionaries of Linguistics and Communication Science (DLCS)

Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: Reference Work covering all the major areas of linguistics and communication science (read more)

Wörterbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (WSK)

Responsible at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: Reference Work covering all the major areas of linguistics and communication science (read more)