ELEXIS – European Lexicographic Infrastructure

Contact at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: ELEXIS aims to harmonise the efforts of European institutions, publishers, universities and communities in the development of dictionaries and develop tools that can be used by all (read more)

PORTULAN CLARIN – Research Infrastructure for the Science and Technology of Language

Contact at CLUNL: Maria do Céu Caetano
Description: PORTULAN CLARIN  is part of the international research infrastructure CLARIN ERIC, a comprehensive international collection of resources to support and explore language and language-related topics (read more)

ROSSIO – Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Contact at CLUNL: Rute Costa
Description: ROSSIO has as its mission to aggregate, organize, interconnect, contextualize, enrich and disseminate a broad range of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities  digital content from research activities, repositories, archives, libraries, collections of art and databases (read more)